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2014-08-11 13:24:02
we need a long period to acquire permits for an incinerator. how long in advance pre-design has to start before these permits are in place? can you give us an idea how long every one of the 5 steps take from pre-design to being ready to operate?

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john mup - 2012-10-28 18:03:11
please help me with a cost and benefit analysis of a mws moving gerate incinerator

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Gillis Winderickx - 2013-08-04 13:17:40

You need mainly to analyze :

  1. Investement costs (buy the installation, buy the ground, storage halls, permits, costs of the loan, etc.)
  2. For this you have an installation running 7500 hours/year, and a capacity of waste you can process, and a amount of energy you have available.
  3. Your income is the money you get for waste incineration
  4. An other income you have is the money you get from energy recovery
  5. The running costs, like consumables: electricity, diesel or gas, spare parts, activated carbon, etc.
  6. Management costs: members of the board, etc.
  7. Adminstration and marketing costs, because you must always have waste at a good price on site

A good business plan can write off the installation with the waste treatment, the energy recovery is your profit. For sure this must be the case for small installations (like << 1000 kg/h).

2011-08-02 03:06:36
Which is the temperature that medical waste need to be destroyed at the first chamber and the second chamber?

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2013-07-04 19:38:30

You need 1100 degr.C. for 2 sec. in your second combustion chamber. So the exit of your first combustion chamber can not be lower.

2008-07-24 11:35:30
Why medical waste has to be burned? Why waste incineration?

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Gillis Winderickx - 2013-07-04 19:31:30

Gillis Winderickx - 2008-11-13 21:35:05
Medical waste contains needles, maybe HIV infection needles, and other bacteries. The total destruction of medical waste is the only guarantee that the desees can not affect other inhabitants.

Gillis Winderickx - 2008-07-24 11:37:45

We should avoid bacterial materials in daily life. Here is a nice movie from youtube about this subject :

emmanuel - 2008-04-11 21:28:02
well i\'d like to know if you offer subsidy to private want to go into the industry to convert waste to energy. again i\'d like to now the unique package you have for developing countries who intends to go into waste to energy projects.

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Gillis Winderickx - 2008-04-13 16:39:46
We do not offer subsidies for developing countries. We are mainly active (and competitive) in countries where the emission limits are clearly defined and have to be executed.