EU incineration law

EU waste incineration law and emission limits

This law you may find on the website of the access to the European union law. Links:

Article 7 and 11 handle about emission values and the way it should be measurred. On the stack is installed a continious emission monitoring system. And 2 values in emission measurements are important: daily average emission and half hourly average emissions. Those averages are restricted in the EU emission law.

Waste incineration installations are calculated on the waste mix information and the most strict emission values. Emission values depends also on the operation of the plant. The operator has to take care that the waste mix contains the correct chemical composition (for example not more then 2% Chlorine in the waste mix).

It is possible to create a large tolerance range for hazardous chemical substances in the waste stream, but the installation and the flue gas treatment, must stay economical and payable.