Site lay out

  • Photo 1: site lay out example with waste bunker and fly ash storage silos
  • Photo 2: example of modification of the installation to an existing building

Site lay out of a waste incinerator

A waste incinerator site is not only the technical installation, also workers need other facilities necessary to store safely and handle safely the waste. Mainly we have the next items:

  1. Gate and fence (also for fire-fighting activities)
  2. A weight bridge for waste trucks
  3. Administration building and laboratorium
  4. Waste storage warehouse or a waste bunker
  5. Waste incinerator building and next to it storage place for residues of the incineration process
  6. Streets and sewers
  7. Streets for fire brigade
  8. Parking place for trucks and cars
  9. Transfo
  10. Storage for the chemicals for the flue gas cleaning
  11. Storage tanks for liquid waste
  12. Extra space for waste preparation before incineration, like mixing tanks, shredders, etc.
  13. Energy recovery, like turbine for electricity production, heat exchanger for city heating, etc.

The size of the parking and buildings depends on the way it is possible to store (pallets, bin's, ...), the amount of waste and the necessary facilities for handling it. As an example we demonstrate the choose of size of the waste storage hall for industrial waste and the incinerator building.


Example : design of the size of a waste storage hall

We have a waste incinerator of 8200 ton per year. Let's take a waste storage hall of about 16 m x 30 m and 10 m high to be about to store average about 6 m high, we have 2800 m3 (16 x 30 x 6) storage space.

The waste is not arriving regular, but in batches. This depends on the client's production process. So we need a storage hall for about 3 - 4 weeks storage. So, for this waste incinerator it is for about 667 ton waste.

We take a density of waste into account, for example 300 kg/m3, this means we need 2223 m3 storage space. Depending on the type of security measurements for the storage of the waste, we say that we need 2,5 times the needed space for storage on site. The packaging of the waste can be done in a system which we can store 6 m high.

So, from our calculation it looks like that our building is much to small. So we need to analyse the storage methode, or we take a bigger building. And we do the exercise again with a building of for example 22 m x 55 m.

Incinerator site lay out example

Photo : example of a waste storage building, next to the incinerator building


Example of a waste incinerator building


The shape of the installation defines the size of the building. Extra floor space must be available for handling the waste and the ashes. So, the shape of the building need to be discussed with the technology supplier. The building can also receive extra space for useful equipment placed close to the incinerator. Like the transfo, the chemicals for flue gas cleaning, the turbine for electricity production, storage garages for ashes, etc. And on the first floor can be a control room with view on the incinerator. This is only an example, because the best building is the building which is designed according to the needs of the operator.

Incinerator site lay out example

Photo : example of a waste incinerator building