Waste collection system

Waste collection

Produced waste has to be evacuated out of the town, company, house or community. This article gives more explaination about how we evacuate waste in a community, what organization services are available for inhabitants and industry, what are the rules and what are the penalties of pollutants. Generaly, 4 types of waste collection system are in use:

  1. Garbage collection by the community or "door to door" collection
  2. Container park or waste collection point
  3. Chemo-mobile or collection of small hasardous waste by a van driving true the community
  4. Waste collector service for the industry

Domestic waste 

The most ordinary types of domestic waste are collected at your house or flat and is called the "door to door" collection. This types of waste are collected separatly in different bags. The bags have just different colors:

  • Bleu bag: sprays, tins, plastic bottles, cosmetics, tetra packs and aluminium
  • Green bags: organic materials
  • Braun bags: "rest waste"  or also called household waste. All type of waste which is not recycable and not possible to select is called rest-waste.  So rest-waste is everything but NOT chemical products, no organic materials, etc.

The braun bags of 75 L (20 kg) or 40 L (10kg), blue bags, green bags, paper, cardboard and small hazardous waste is collected according to the waste calendar. If the waste truck collects your waste bag, you may maximum put 4 braun bags before your door.

The waste bags which are produced by the community are obliged to used. Other bags are not collected and will stay before your door. The price of such a waste bag depends on the color. For example:

  • Braun bags : 75L - 1,5 euro/bag
  • Braun bags : 40L - 0,75 euro/bag
  • Green bags : 50L - 0,40 euro/bag
  • Green bags : 100L - 0,80 euro/bag
  • Bleu bags : 75L - 0,13 euro/bag or 3,10 euro for 25 bags

The bags are to sell in some local shops. The shops need to buy the bags from the community house. The community house buy the bags one time a year to a production house. When the local shops want to sell such a bags, the need to buy the bags from the community house and they need to sell the bags on the price the community sets. The shop receives a commission for distributing those waste bags.

An other type of tax is a waste household tax. This is for all the other waste produced by the inhabitants. The tax depends on the amount of people living in the family. The tax is 1 time/year, goes directly to the community house and is +/-45 euro/year for a family of 2 people and 3 children.

From the other hand, the local community is supporting financially systems which helps the inhabitants to produce less waste. If you install a private compostation installation, well this is funded for 10 - 30 %. The community also has some experts available to assist those inhabitant.

Other special type of wastes are collected by the distribution or production shops. This is the case for:

  • Medical waste like old medicines or waste from the hospitals, this type of waste is treated mostly in a rotary kiln incinerator.
  • Electro waste, this are old vacum cleaners, refregerators, coffee machines and other elector tools are going for special recycling plants where they take out the metals and valuable substances
  • Hazardous and chemical waste like lakier, paints, chemical substances have to be treated by on a hazardous waste incinerator plant.

Medical waste

Old medicines are a treath for the public health and environment. The old medicines you should give back to the doctor or medicine shop. There a specialized company will collect the medical waste and put it to a medical waste incinerator plant. This type of medical waste is mixed with other wastes from hospitals and laboratories. Ones the waste arrive at the incineration plant the waste will be destroyed within 2 days.

Medical waste in hospitals is collected by a professional waste collector and goes to the medical waste incineration plant. The waste collector only transport the waste. The waste incineration plant burns the waste in an ecological way.

Industrial waste

Industrial or hazardous waste is a business to business service. This waste is collected by a special waste transporter. This waste transportor also need to have the correct permits and equipment to transport hazardous or oil waste. This industrial waste is afther recycling possibilities incinerated in the hazardous waste incineration plant.