Incinerator delivery time

we need a long period to acquire permits for an incinerator. how long in advance pre-design has to start before these permits are in place? can you give us an idea how long every one of the 5 steps take from pre-design to being ready to operate?

Incinerator supply

It depends on different factors, like:

  • the complexity of the plant (mainly energy recovery),
  • a new or tailor made installation, or an incinerator which has already all drawings ready
  • People: all drawers and engineers available? Or occupied with an other order?
  • Suppliers: are they ready?
  • Etc.


  1. Drawings : 2 - 4 or more months
  2. Equipment supply : 4 - 7 months
  3. Assembly (also during equipment supply) : 4 months
  4. Start-up : 2 months
  5. Fine tuning : 2 months
  6. Guarantee

For a small incineration plant you may count 12 - 14 months
For a big incineration plant you may count 24 months or more.